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Get Your Wellness Exam and Save Money!


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Get Your Wellness Exam and Save Money!


The year’s already half over... have you gotten your annual wellness exam yet? If not, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Not only could the visit have a positive impact on your health, but skipping the exam could have a negative impact on your wallet.

A wellness exam is free when performed by an in-network physician. However, many health care plans have financial incentives for members to get their exam by the end of the calendar year. If that’s not enough reason, an exam can also help detect any chronic conditions that may be present. Studies have shown the earlier a condition is caught, the better the prognosis and the less money it will cost.

If you’re uncertain as to when you need to have your next wellness exam, just visit and click “MedBen Access.” Once you’re logged in, select “WellLiving Information” to view the next recommended checkup date, in addition to other important screenings your plan may require.

Once you’re aware of the tests you need, don’t schedule an appointment with just anyone! MedBen WellLiving encourages you to establish a professional relationship with a primary care physician. Seeing a doctor who knows your health history makes it easier to discuss concerns and increases the likelihood of detecting a chronic condition early. You save time and money – and potentially avoid health headaches down the road.

Proper Preparation Makes Wellness Visits Work

Before your visit:

  • Review your plan summary to determine what wellness tests are required.
  • Make an appointment at a time convenient for you.
  • Know your family’s medical history as well as your own.

During your visit:

  • Discuss health history and/or any concerns.
  • Repeat crucial points and ask questions as needed.
  • If a treatment plan is recommended, thoroughly review it with your doctor.

Before you leave:

  • Ask when your next visit should be and schedule a follow-up if necessary.
  • Ask how to reach the doctor if you have questions.
  • Don’t leave if you’re unsure about your treatment plan.

SOURCES: Center for Advancing Health, MedBen WellLiving

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