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Government Proposes Upping The "Stop-Smoking" Incentive


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Government Proposes Upping The "Stop-Smoking" Incentive

Employers trying to help their workers kick the tobacco habit may get the green light to spend a little more on the effort. According to Employee Benefit News, the Department of Health and Human Services has proposed new wellness rules – among them, a provision that would allow business to offer for smoking cessation a maximum of 50% of the total cost of health coverage, up from 20%.

The stop-smoking incentive is among several ways that, under the Affordable Care Act, the goverment is encouraging “health contingent wellness programs” to financially reward people who meet a particular standard. For example, people who reach realistic goals for body mass index or blood pressure level may get to pay a lower premium.

The rules also require wellness programs to offer alternative methods for people to achieve an incentive if they suffer from a physical disability or genetic condtion.

MedBen Worksite Wellness will work with you to develop an incentive program appropriate to the needs of your group. Our experience has shown that the most effective incentives are connected to your health plan, such as reduced premiums and employer contributions to HRAs.

That said, rewards don’t necessarily have to be monetary. Sponsoring a team competition, giving recognition through the company newsletter, or sharing member success stories can be equally valuable, so long as management shows a shared wellness commitment.

For more information about MedBen Worksite Wellness, please contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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