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MedBen Government Roundtable Offers Trend Analysis, Plan Strategies


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MedBen Government Roundtable Offers Trend Analysis, Plan Strategies

MedBen Regional Sales Manager Pam Davis

MedBen team members offered municipal employers health care plan information and cost-saving advice at its annual Government Roundtable on September 26.

At the roundtable, municipalities administered by MedBen were able to see how their plan compared against MedBen’s government and overall self-funded blocks as well as national cost norms. MedBen President and COO Kurt Harden led the session with a review of medical and pharmaceutical cost trends over the past five years, and explained some of the measures MedBen uses to keep municipality health care costs as low as possible.

Brian Fargus, MedBen Vice President of Sales and Marketing, followed Harden with a demonstration of Verisk Sightlines, a leading edge program that tracks and compares population trends in utilization, cost and quality, and helps MedBen clients identify and target high-risk members in need of clinical interventions. He showed how by using Sightlines, clients can pinpoint opportunities for improving care and reducing costs.

Closing the roundtable was Regional Sales Manager Pam Davis, who highlighted some of the tactics benefits administrators use to mislead employers into thinking they’re getting a better deal. One such method is what she called the “deception of ‘average’ discounts", in which a carrier will average the discounts of major metropolitan hospitals – which tend to be larger because they typically charge higher fees – with the smaller discounts of non-metropolitan hospitals. By doing so, the discounts in non-metropolitan areas look much bigger than they really are to potential clients who get most of their care from non-metropolitan hospitals.

MedBen has conducted yearly roundtables for its municipal clients since 2007. MedBen also offers a similar event for its hospital clients every spring.

Clients with questions regarding these presentations are welcome to call MedBen at (800) 423-3151.

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