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Health Care Apps To Make Your Smartphone Smarter


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Health Care Apps To Make Your Smartphone Smarter

MedCity News showcases some cool (and in some cases, free) smartphone apps with the potential to help health care consumers make smarter choices:

Pokitdok – A health marketplace with price transparency for health services, where consumers can shop directly from providers. Originally launched as a “Pinterest for healthcare,” the mobile app now offers tools for payers to facilitate transactions.

Caremerge – The first app that allows caregivers to communicate and coordinate with those living in senior communities. Through their web and mobile apps, staff can connect with each other while offsite stakeholders (doctors, family members, etc.) organize timely care.

MangoHealth – Enables users to facilitate and track their medication intake. The app identifies potentially dangerous interactions with medications, supplements, or food and drink, provides medication reminders, and offers real-world rewards for taking medication on time.

Asthmapolis – A sensor sits on top of an inhaler and automatically syncs data to a mobile app on your smartphone. The system provides personalized feedback and education to control asthma, which affects 25 million people in the US.

Allayo – A virtual health assistant that can save your family as much as 100 hours per year on health care activities. Members can send reminders, order and refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, arrange for tests and labwork, find help with insurance claims, and arrange home delivery.

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