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Health Care Campaign Ad Stresses Proper ER Use


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Health Care Campaign Ad Stresses Proper ER Use

National Health Service Ad

We’re a bit late in noticing this ad (and thanks to the blog for posting it) but it certainly drives its point home effectively. Part of a 2011 British campaign by the National Health Service, the ad highlights various alternatives to going to the emergency room, such as visiting a general practitioner (or primary care physician), talking to a pharmacist or treating oneself at home.

In her blog post, internal medicine resident Ishani Ganguli says that one factor driving more Americans to ER care is a shortage of primary care doctors. But there’s more to the story, she adds:

“When I shared the NHS ad on Facebook, my economist friend Willa Friedman emailed me with her analysis: ‘So there are at least two explanations: (1) People think they’re special and then under-appreciate/under-change their behavior in response to the impact their actions have on others OR (2) People really have no idea about the options.’ What I realized I liked about the ad is that it uses information and a touch of drama to address both factors and in doing so, puts some of the responsibility on patients.

“We talk a lot about patient or consumer-driven health care and, separately, about doctors’ roles as stewards of health care resources without allying the two causes and recognizing the important role patients play in this stewardship […] Instead, we have to ask and enable patients to work with doctors to use the health care system judiciously. That’s why I think this ad is so powerful, and why we in the United States could stand to learn something from it.”

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