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Health Care Costs Top Consumer Concerns... and MedBen's, Too


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Health Care Costs Top Consumer Concerns... and MedBen's, Too

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Even with issues like national security and immigration grabbing the headlines these days, health care costs still rank high on the list of American concerns, a new survey suggests. Likewise, finding ways to control client health care costs continually informs the way the MedBen does business.

The Monmouth University Poll of families nationwide found that about 25% of respondents said the cost of health care was their biggest concern ‒ a 10% jump from a similar poll in 2015. National security and other topical matters ranked comparatively low in the survey.

But the fact that health care costs affect consumers comes as no surprise to MedBen, because we know from first-hand experience how important saving money is to employers who self-fund their health care coverage. Toward that goal, MedBen offers a variety of cost management solutions, including:

  • Claims management, through a leading-edge surveillance system that incorporates board-certified medical specialists to review selected claims and, if necessary, work with the provider to reach a proper resolution;
  • Plan management, through client-specific benefits design that encourages plan members to make smart choices about the care they receive; and
  • Population health management, from a prevention-centered wellness program and disease management to prescription plans that can identify the most effective medications for plan members.

Through these and other containment strategies, MedBen works ceaselessly to ensure that clients' coverage costs are kept as low as possible, without sacrificing necessary care. To get a better idea of all the ways we can benefit your business, contact our Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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