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ICD-10 Code Switchover Today; MedBen Ready To Roll


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ICD-10 Code Switchover Today; MedBen Ready To Roll

ICD-10 Codes

Today's the day when providers begin using the new ICD-10 medical coding system. The rollout comes after multiple deadline extensions -- but all along, MedBen has been preparing for the changeover and is ready to handle the new codes.

The new system increases the number of descriptive codes from ICD-9's 14,000 to 68,000. Such a substantial expansion has produced some, shall we say, interesting additions. From CIO:

"Some of the diagnostic codes can be archaic or absurd. Code Z63.1, for example, describes 'Problems in relationship with in-laws,' and code V97.33XD covers patients who were 'sucked into a jet engine.'"

Because doctors and hospitals only formally begin using the new codes today, MedBen won't begin receiving claims containing them for several days. But when we do, we're confident that our system components will able to accept and process ICD-10 codes without interruption to our day-to-day processes.

MedBen conducted internal system testing of the ICD-10 modifications as early as 2014. And throughout this year, we've conducted connectivity tests with an external vendor to ensure the accuracy of our work. All told, we've been fully compliant for the better part of 2015.

As claims with the new codes start coming in, there will undoubtedly be a "learning curve" as medical facilities get comfortable with the new codes. But with the advanced preparation, MedBen is confident that clients will see no increase in claims turnaround times. And we'll be ready to assist providers whenever necessary.

MedBen clients with questions regarding the ICD-10 coding system may contact MedBen Director of Data Processing and Technical Compliance Wayne Millard at

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