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Health Care Reform Law Continues To Poll Negatively


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Health Care Reform Law Continues To Poll Negatively

With just months to go before some major provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect, most public opinion of President Obama’s signature legislature continues to fall in the “against” camp.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 49% of Americans say they believe the health care reform law is a bad idea – the highest negative number in the four years the poll has been conducted. Only 37% think the plan is a good idea.

Many respondents also said that they (and their families) will be worse off under the ACA – 38% compared to 19% would said they’ll be better off, and 39% who said it won’t make a difference. Again, the disapproval number was the highest since the law’s passage in 2010.

Broken down by party, Decomcrats say they’ll be better off under the law by a 35-to-11% margin, while 67% of Republicans say they’ll be worse off compared to 4% who feel the opposite.

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