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Heart Disease Costs Expected to Double by 2035


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Heart Disease Costs Expected to Double by 2035

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Heart disease continues to amass physical and financial costs nationwide... a difficult situation that could be greatly alleviated through a collective focus on wellness.

A new American Heart Association report estimates that heart disease-related costs are expected to double from $555 billion in 2016 to $1.1 trillion in 2035. By then, nearly half the U.S. population will have at least one health problem related to heart disease, the report projects.

The difficulty with getting a handle on heart disease is that it's so closely linked to many of our worst habits, such as smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise. Concerted efforts to address these lifestyle issues could go a long toward reversing the upward trend ‒ and workplace wellness is an obvious place to start.

MedBen WellLiving takes a multi-level approach to heart disease and other chronic conditions. First, our program promotes to your health plan members the importance of preventive care, and building and maintaining a doctor-patient relationship. Second, those members identified at high risk are offered ongoing, individualized counseling from a registered nurse.

The WellLiving approach aids in earlier detection of heart disease that allows for less costly treatment and decreased risk of medical conditions that contribute to the disease. For employers, it translates to lower medical costs and reduced absenteeism.

Get additional information about the benefits of MedBen WellLiving by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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