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Heart Failure Costs Will Double In 20 Years, AHA Projects


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Heart Failure Costs Will Double In 20 Years, AHA Projects

The American Heart Association (AHA) predicts that one in every 33 Americans will have heart failure in 2030, causing the current cost of care to double, MedPage Today reports.

The U.S. rise in obesity rates has coincided with an increase in the prevalence of heart failure. At current levels, incidences will go from 5 million to 8 million in two decades – a 46% spike, the AHA says in a new policy statement. And direct and indirect costs could leap from the current $31 billion to $70 billion in 2033.

The statement emphasized the need for providers to adhere to evidence-based guidelines, published by the AHA and other professional societies, that outline ways to prevent and treat heart failure. Providers should also encourage patients to adopt lifestyle modifications, such as increased physical activity, that attenuate the risk factors.

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