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HHS Revises ACA Contraception Mandate


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HHS Revises ACA Contraception Mandate

birth control

The Trump administration announced on October 6 that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) contraception mandate will be scaled back to allow exemptions for employers that claim a religious or moral objection to covering birth control, The Washington Post reports.

Two new regulations, issued by the Health and Human Services Department (HHS), will take effect immediately. The first exempts entities with "sincerely held religious beliefs" from the mandate, while the other exempts entities that object "on the basis of moral conviction [that] is not based in any particular religious belief," HHS said.

This policy essentially broadens exemptions already available to churches and faith-affiliated charities, colleges and hospitals. Those employers could opt out of providing contraceptive coverage by notifying their insurer, third party administrator or the federal government – and the same option will apply under the new rules.

MedBen clients with questions regarding these regulations are welcome to contact Vice President of Compliance Carline Fraker at

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