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MedBen HIPAA Training Stresses Proper Use of PHI


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MedBen HIPAA Training Stresses Proper Use of PHI

HIPAA training

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure the privacy of client PHI (protected health information), all MedBen employees recently attended HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) refresher training, with sessions led by Vice President of Compliance Caroline Fraker.

While employees get regular HIPAA training at the department level, this companywide training was given to advise employees about the regulatory and contractual requirements of HIPAA and to provide an overview of technical and physical safeguards in place to protect the data we manage.

At the training session, Fraker said that "HIPAA defines how protected information can be used, discussed, accessed, and accounted for. And that goes not just for medical information, but all personal data."

Attendees reviewed the rights that all individuals have under HIPAA, as well as MedBen’s internal policies for safeguarding clients protected health and individually identifiable information. Our HIPAA Workforce Policy is accessible to all employees through the company's internal website.

"Make sure to verify who you are talking to in person, on the phone and via e-mail," Fraker said. "If you receive mail or an e-mail that looks suspicious, call the person who sent it at a verifiable phone number to make sure they sent it before providing PHI."

MedBen’s role as a business associate of its clients was also reviewed... in particular, the rules regarding the disclosure of data to vendors and stop-loss partners. "Any individual or organization that wants protected health information from us must prove that they are a business associate of the client," Fraker cautioned.

MedBen clients who have questions about HIPAA or the use of PHI are welcome to contact Fraker at 800-851-0907 or

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