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Metro Hospital Preference Runs Counter to Study's Cost-Quality Connection


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Metro Hospital Preference Runs Counter to Study's Cost-Quality Connection

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Health Affairs recently analyzed the responses of 2,010 adults to questions about the relationship between health care prices and quality, such as “Would you say higher prices are typically a sign of better quality medical care or not?” In a majority of cases, respondents stated that they didn't associate price with quality. But what people say and what they do are sometimes two different things.

MedBen has seen group health plans in which nearly half of members who require inpatient care migrate to high-profile metropolitan hospitals, even though comparable – and often, substantially less expensive – care is available from a facility much closer to home.

For employers in which plan members have a choice of local or metropolitan hospitals that offer a comparable quality of care, MedBen can help to design a plan that incentivizes patients to receive the same high level of care at the most affordable price available.

As an established health benefits manager, MedBen has extensive experience in guiding clients to the best care at the best cost. To learn how we do it, we invite you to contact our Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

Read more about the Health Affairs study at Kaiser Health News.

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