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House Committee Proposes To Halt ACA Funding


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House Committee Proposes To Halt ACA Funding

A probable Supreme Court date for the Affordable Care Act hasn’t stopped House Republicans from devising ways to halt health care reform’s progress. reports that the House Appropriations Committee has drafted a 2012 funding bill that would rescind over $8 billion in funding to implement the law.

If ultimately approved – well, it would be a miracle if that happened, but let’s just say it is for the sake of argument – the committee’s draft fiscal 2012 Labor and HHS bill would also stop funding for the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, which oversees state insurance exchanges and other areas of reform implementation.

According to a committee news release, the legislation would prohibit funding to implement the health reform law “until such time as all legal challenges to the law have been concluded, and rescinds a total of more than $8.6 billion” in funding for the law.

Not surpringly, an HHS funding bill adopted last week by the Democratic-controlled Senate Appropriations Committee did not include amendments by several Republicans to cut all ACA funding.

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