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Hypertension a Global Problem; MedBen WellLiving Offers Personal Solutions


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Categories: Wellness, Research, Hypertension, Preventive care, Population health management

Hypertension a Global Problem; MedBen WellLiving Offers Personal Solutions

blood pressure

Because high blood pressure, or hypertension, is closely linked to other chronic conditions, researchers regularly use it as a barometer of health. Likewise, population health programs like MedBen WellLiving stress the role that reducing hypertension plays in improving personal health.

A new University of Washington study determined that worldwide, the rate of systolic blood pressure (or SBP, the pressure while the heart is beating) rose substantially between 1990 and 2015. Preventable deaths from conditions linked to elevated SBP, such as heart disease and stroke, also increased during that period... and perhaps not surprisingly, the U.S. made up a disproportionate number of people whose lives could have been improved or extended by correctly managing their blood pressure.

Considering its significance, it stands to reason that a blood pressure reading is a mainstay of the physician office visit, including the annual wellness exam. Regular readings provide your family doctor with a useful means to track your general health... and multiple bad readings serve notice for the doctor to review lifestyle choices that may be contributing to hypertension.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to control your blood pressure. MedBen WellLiving helps employers to spur plan members into action, by promoting the value of preventive care and the doctor-patient relationship. And those at higher risk for hypertension can complement physician care with individualized nurse coaching.

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