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If ObamaCare Falls, Ball's In GOP's Court


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If ObamaCare Falls, Ball's In GOP's Court

The Supreme Court may have already decided the fate of the Affordable Care Act – and to the surprise of many, there’s a halfway decent chance that the entire law could be thrown out. Which would suit many Republicans in Congress just fine.

But should health care reform go back to square one, what do GOPers suggest as an alternative? Not much of consensus there.

As POLITICO notes, Republicans haven’t collectively embraced a full-fledged replacement strategy for health care reform, instead agreeing on a few basic tenets of health policy. For example, most Republicans support the ACA requirement that insurance companies accept all applicants. Most, but not all.

“It’s a terrible idea,” Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) told POLITICO. He has offered a replacement plan that he said emphasizes voluntary coverage rather than requiring Americans to carry insurance.

Price has been pushing his plan since 2009, and as such, it has more traction than other health agendas. He proposes that Americans receive tax credits, based on income, to help them buy coverage. Groups could pool together to buy health care, and consumers could shop for insurance across state lines.

Of course, presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney also has an alternate plan in mind – one that relies more on state-level reforms and private competition than the existing law.

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