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In Praise of Primary Care


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In Praise of Primary Care

doctor and patient

At, family physician Glen R. Stream reminds us that this week is National Primary Care Week (just in case you somehow forgot), and the critical role that these doctors play:

"A wealth of research continues to show that primary care not only reduces costs, but also helps achieve high-quality care that effectively manages population health. It is key to delivering on the 'triple aim' of better health, better care, at lower costs.

"Primary care is truly the best buy in health care and, with the right investments, it has the potential to provide even greater value to the health care system."

With the MedBen WellLiving program, the path to better health and better care at lower costs starts with promoting prevention -- and on that path, primary care physicians serve as excellent guides. When your plan members establish ongoing doctor-patient relationships, the odds of their doctor detecting a chronic condition in its earliest stages increases exponentially. That translates to a healthier workplace and fewer high-dollar claims.

Reducing the care gap in your employee population isn’t difficult… all it takes is the right incentive to encourage annual wellness exams and regular screenings with a primary care provider. WellLiving helps you help your plan members make smart choices about their health.

Learn more about primary prevention with MedBen WellLiving by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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