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Incentives, Communication Vital To MedBen Clients' Wellness Successes


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Incentives, Communication Vital To MedBen Clients' Wellness Successes

Phil Annarino of Fisher-Titus Medical Center

In 2007, MedBen launched a Worksite Wellness with a simple idea – detect and treat health risks as early as possible. Five years later, employers who have put the plan in place are seeing real results. At last week’s Wellness Conference, representatives from two MedBen clients talked about the success of their respective programs.

Yesterday, we highlighted Park National Corporation’s presentation. Today, we offer an overview of Fisher-Titus Medical Center’s approach to wellness.

Phil Annarino, Vice President of Human Resources at Fisher-Titus Medical Center‘, believes that hospitals not only have a vital interest in keeping their own employees healthy, they also should serve as the central coordination point for population health management. “Hospitals are best positioned to promote a message of community wellness and personal accountability for good health,” he said in his presentation.

By using Fisher-Titus’ company claims history, MedBen Worksite Wellness detected health patterns that would benefit from specialized nurse coaching. Employees and dependents who have been identified with high cholesterol, diabetes and other key conditions are contacted by home phone or letter for disease-specific education.

To encourage participation, Fisher-Titus pays for all required wellness tests at 100% when rendered through a participating provider. As a further inducement, employees who do not complete required tests by a specific date must pay a premium surcharge for the following plan year.

Like Park National, Fisher-Titus uses a variety of communication tools to keep employees in compliance, including bulletin boards, Intranet and the company newsletter. Employees also receive a Wellness Guidelines brochure, and are advised to use the MedBen Access website to check their wellness compliance status.

MedBen thanks Phil for providing his insights at the Wellness Conference. For additional information about MedBen Worksite Wellness, we invite you to call Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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