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“Just Talking” with Your Doctor


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“Just Talking” with Your Doctor

doctor-patient consultation

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m not going to go to my annual wellness exam because I’m not sick”? Sure, we go to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned or go to the optometrist to have our eyes checked, yet when we go to the doctor for an annual wellness exam, we sometimes just talk about our ailments while they take our blood pressure. And just talking equates to nothing, right? MedBen WellLiving begs to differ.

“Just talking” with your doctor at an annual exam creates an open dialogue to create a professional patient-doctor relationship. During this exam, your doctor learns about your medical history, which in turn helps them to detect symptoms of early onset of chronic conditions, and to effectively intervene when necessary.

Studies have shown that early detection is key for a better prognosis and lower incurred costs – and speaking of cost, annual wellness exams are free when performed by an in-network physician. Some employers even offer incentives for members to get their exam by the end of the calendar year.

To check when you need to have your next wellness exam and other recommended screenings, just log in to MedBen Access and select “WellLiving Information.”

Utilizing MedBen Access
MedBen Access has a lot of great features. Are you using it to its full capabilities?

  • View your EOBs.
  • Access a full list of your current Rx formulary.
  • Review the status of medical, dental, and Rx claims.
  • Read information on prescription medications that you may be taking, including side effects, cost, and available generic alternatives.
  • Review your Plan Summary.
  • Check compliance on recommended WellLiving screenings and when you are due for your next screening.
  • Send a question to MedBen Customer Service.

SOURCE: American Heart Association

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