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Keeping Kids On Health Plan Popular With Parents, Survey Finds


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Keeping Kids On Health Plan Popular With Parents, Survey Finds

Even though the Affordable Care Act has met with a mixed response from the public, certain aspects of the law have proven popular – perhaps none more so than the provision allowing parents to keep children on their health care plan until they reach age 26. The Los Angeles Times reports that in the 18 months after the law was passed, as many as 6.6 million young adults stayed on or where added to their parents’ plans.

That number, found in the survey by the health care research foundation Commonwealth Fund, is far higher than earlier estimates. Prior surveys by the federal government indicated the provision reversed years of declining coverage for young adults.

The Commonwealth Fund did note that the 6.6 million figure is somewhat inflated, as some of the young adults who joined or remained on their parents’ health plan may have been otherwise insured on plans that were more costly or less comprehensive. But President Karen Davis said that the law has nonetheless had a positive impact on young adults and their families.

If the Supreme Court should strike down the health care reform law, the childen-up-to-age-26 rule would go down with it. But its popularity suggests that the provision could ultimately survive in some form.

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