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Kids Benefit From Comprehensive Eye Exams


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Kids Benefit From Comprehensive Eye Exams

If you’re depending on a school vision screening to take care of your child’s eye care needs, you probably should rethink your strategy. On the Better Health Blog, optometrist Val Jones says that such screenings miss more than 75% of undetected or undiagnosed vision problems – a statistic she learned from the president of the American Optometric Association, Dori Carlson, O.D.

A much better option, Dr. Carlson believes, is a comprehensive eye exam in which “the optometrist will check the health of the eye tissues, including the eye muscles, cornea, conjunctiva, tear ducts, pupils, lens, and retina, as well as the patient’s ability to track objects, to see at different distances, and to focus adequately.”

Detecting vision problems at the youngest age possible is vital for proper learning. The inability to see a chalkboard clearly, or read a computer screen or book, can greatly hinder a child’s education. As Dr. Jones notes, a child’s disinterest in lessons, stemming from an inability to properly see what’s going on, can be mistaken for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) rather than a symptom of visual impairment.

MedBen VisionPlus family plans offer full medical eye exams for covered employees and their children, as well as quality vision care materials at affordable prices. VisionPlus members with questions about specific benefits are welcome to call MedBen Customer Service at (800) 686-8425. For information about adding VisionPlus to your health care package, please call Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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