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Know Your Multiple Medications


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Know Your Multiple Medications

A recent Employee Benefits News article examines the growing problem of “polypharmacy” – administering multiple medications for the same condition. Often this occurs when patients go to more than one doctor or pharmacy, leading to potential cost redundancies – and more critically, a greater risk of side effects or negative drug-to-drug interactions.

As the article notes, “four out of five patients who visit a health care provider leave with a prescription". Therefore, it is imperative to understand why a medication is prescribed as well as any possible adverse reactions. Coordinating multiple drugs with a provider or pharmacist is the best way to ensure personal safety while maintaining cost effectiveness.

MedBen prescription plan members have another useful means of doing their medication homework. Our password-protected RxEOB website allows members to track pharmacy claims, learn the uses and side effects of major medications, compare similar drugs and search for lower-cost generic or therapeutic alternatives. For additional information about RxEOB, please call our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at 888-627-8683.

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