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Lack Of Insurance Knowledge A Problem, But MedBen Has The Solution


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Lack Of Insurance Knowledge A Problem, But MedBen Has The Solution

Knowledge, as they say, is power… and in the case of health insurance, the more you know, the better your odds of staying healthy and saving money. At MedBen, it’s our goal to keep clients informed about all aspects of their coverage.

As insurance has expanded beyond comparatively simple major medical plans into preventive care and consumer-driven offerings, it’s not surprising that more people aren’t sure how health care coverage works. According to WebMD, a recent health insurance literacy poll by the American Institute of CPAs found that more than half of Americans can’t define such basic terms as premium, deductible and copay.

To ensure that plan members understand how to navigate their coverage, or know where to turn when they need specific information, every new MedBen self-funded groups receives a customized New Group KIt. Included with the kit is a CD containing “MedBen Basics” – a series of documents covering such topics as using the member ID card, reading explanations of benefits (EOBs) and logging on to MedBen Access, our claims and benefits information website. The Plan Members area of also offers several of these Basics in addition to forms, provider directories and other resources.

Of course, our customers can get answers to any of their health care coverage questions by calling the MedBen Customer Service Department. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am-6:30pm EST, by calling (800) 686-8425 or e-mailing

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