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Lifestyle Impacts Colorectal Cancer Risk


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Lifestyle Impacts Colorectal Cancer Risk


A recent American Cancer Society study revealed that there are more colorectal cancers being found in young adults. As stated in an Advisory Board article, “[R]esearchers have yet to determine the cause of the uptick in colorectal cancer cases among younger adults, but it could be partly due to lifestyle choices. For instance, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and diets low in fiber all are linked to colorectal cancer, as well as conditions such as chronic inflammation and Type 2 diabetes.”

One of the five recommended screenings that MedBen WellLiving puts emphasis on is a colonoscopy. Although MedBen will continue to recommend the screening for adults age 50 or older, with a consistency of every 10 years, does not mean that they younger generation should sit idle.

Having conversations with your primary care physician regarding any concerns you may be having or about your family history is a good place to start, but you may also find it beneficial to open the dialog to healthy lifestyle choices, adequate exercise, and what a healthy diet would look like for you.

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