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When Looking To Reduce Hospital Costs, Remember Bigger Isn't Better


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When Looking To Reduce Hospital Costs, Remember Bigger Isn't Better

A common conviction of the “bigger is better” line of thinking is that large metropolitan hospitals offer superior care than their smaller regional counterparts. But as Partners Community Health Plan members are discovering, size doesn’t tell the whole story.

To be sure, most big hospitals do provide an excellent standard of service. But almost all types of care available from major metro facilities can also be obtained from regional hospitals, and at the same outcome levels. Further, comparable treatment is often available from these smaller hospitals at a significantly lower cost.

With Partners, you can reduce your health care costs by getting treatment from area facilities, while sparing yourself the burden of extra travel time. Here are several examples of the saving differences typical of metro vs. Partners-member community hospitals:

  • The delivery of a normal newborn at Columbus, OH metro hospitals costs, on average, $2,934. In comparison, the same procedure at Fairfield Medical Center costs $1,294 (avg.) – a savings of 56%. (Ohio Hospital Association 2010 Claims and MedBen 2011 Claims Data)
  • A colonoscopy costs, on average, $2,963 at Cleveland, OH metro hospitals, and $4,968 at Toledo metro hospitals. But the same procedure at Fisher-Titus Medical Center costs just $2,387 (avg.) – 19% and 52% less, respectively. (Ohio Hospital Compare)
  • A major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity without major complications costs, on average, $14,116 at Nashville, TN metro hospitals. The same procedure at Murray-Calloway County Hospitals costs $11,201 (avg.), or 21% less. (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Payment Values, 10/10 through 9/11, State of Tennessee)

We will be happy to provide additional price comparisons for all areas in which we currently offer Partners Community Health Plan. To learn more, please contact MedBen Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at To see if Partners is available in your area, visit

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