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Lowering Alzheimer’s Risk Benefits from Preventive Care


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Lowering Alzheimer’s Risk Benefits from Preventive Care

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Alzheimer’s disease attacks brain cells, affecting mood and memory loss, primarily in those over the age of 65. As the United States’ population grows older, so too does the prevalence of Alzheimer’s: 5.8 million Americans currently have the disease, and that number is expected to increase to nearly 14 million by the year 2050.

Though the number of those effected by Alzheimer’s is significant, only 16% of those individuals receive regular cognitive assessments. MedBen WellLiving advocates for an annual wellness visit with your family physician as an opportunity to discuss your mental health in addition to monitoring your physical condition.

Yearly exams allow the physician to become better acquainted with your family history and symptoms, and thus develop and modify an appropriate treatment plan. And as studies have demonstrated a link between Alzheimer’s and heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, controlling these conditions helps to reduce Alzheimer’s risk as well.

Effective preventive care benefits mind and body alike. Get more information about the many ways WellLiving can help your employees by contacting the MedBen Marketing Department at 888-628-8683.

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