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Make Exercise Part of Your Holiday Agenda


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Make Exercise Part of Your Holiday Agenda

Ah, the end of another year. Parties, shopping, travel, shopping, family dinners, shopping… you know the drill.

But just because you’ve got a million things to do between now and January 1 is no excuse to skimp on exercise, even if you can’t always fit in a trip to the gym. HealthDay News offers a few tips to incorporate some extra cardio work into your holiday activities:

  • When you go to the mall or a store, park on the outskirts of the lot – you know, that area way in the back that most people drive around the rest of the lot for 20 minutes to avoid. When you’re inside, favor the stairs over the escalator. And if at all possible, carry packages instead of using a cart.
  • When prepping your home for guests, put the emphasis on vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and other strenuous tasks. They work the large muscle groups and get the heart pumping.
  • If you’ve got a wait between connecting flights, don’t just sit in the terminal eating overpriced airport food – walk around the airport terminal a bit.
  • Many hotels have small gyms available – take advantage of them. If that’s not available, take a brisk walk around the area.

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