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MedBen Aces Latest ISO 9001 Audit


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MedBen Aces Latest ISO 9001 Audit

ISO Certified

“The recommendation from this audit is that your certification continues.”

That’s the conclusion of SAI Global following its most recent audit of MedBen’s compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards. Conducted September 19, the audit examined the company’s internal procedures in the development and processing of health care benefit plans, and found no issues in their execution by employees.

In the evaluation report, the ISO auditors praised MedBen’s employees and “support from top management” – compliments that pleased Chairman & CEO Doug Freeman.

“ISO quality standards only work if there is a companywide effort to follow the processes we’ve put in place,” Freeman said. “So it’s important to me that the auditors see that our commitment starts at the top… but everyone here plays an equal role in that commitment.”

During the audit, the ISO review team also commended members of the MedBen staff who were asked about specific processes used in their jobs, noting their professionalism and knowledge.

MedBen earned ISO 9001 Certification in September of 2005 – one of the first benefit companies in the world to achieve that distinction. By using this proven quality system, the company works to ensure its claims processing, customer service and other daily practices exceed customer expectations.

In addition, semi-yearly audits enable MedBen to confirm that work procedures are continually followed and revised as necessary. This latest audit – the company’s 16th since the initial certification – produced the same outcome as all previous ones: A verification that its promise of quality performance continues to be upheld.

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