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MedBen Analytics Converts Data to Insight, Harden Says at Bundled Payment Summit


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MedBen Analytics Converts Data to Insight, Harden Says at Bundled Payment Summit

MedBen President and COO Kurt Harden was among the presenters at the Sixth National Bundled Payment Summit in Washington, DC on June 9. Speaking at the event's Innovation Showcase, Harden discussed Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CCJR) bundled payment solutions developed by MedBen Analytics, the company's value based payment administration service.

"Hospitals are drowning in data and starving for insight," Harden said. " MedBen Analytics works very hard to take that enormous amount of raw data, draw out insights. We provide it to clients so they can make informed choices."

Kurt Harden at Bundled Payment Summit

During his presentation, Harden showed examples from MedBen Analytics' portal-based reporting system, highlighting its drill-down functionality. "We focus on the data so our clients can focus on decisions. All they have to do is log in and look at the reports," he said.

Harden also noted that because MedBen has decades of experience at third party administration, that knowledge was a key advantage in developing the MedBen Analytics platform. "Our system design ensures accurate bundled payment parameters, in part because we assume nothing about the group. Rather, the reporting is based solely on the specific needs of the hospital."

Harden attended the summit with Wendell Crain, Director of Security, Infrastructure and Web Development for MedBen Analytics.

Organizations interested in discussing MedBen Analytics' services can call Harden at 888-633-2364 or email him at

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