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MedBen Lunchtime Boot Camp Featured In Wellness Article


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MedBen Lunchtime Boot Camp Featured In Wellness Article

Conference Center

MedBen is among the companies spotlighted in a Newark Advocate article about methods employers use to motivate their workers toward better health.

As part of the company's wellness strategy, MedBen encourages its team to practice healthier lifestyles. One of the ways we do that is through our BeneFITNESS program, which rewards employees who exercise regularly with extra contributions to their HRAs. Advocate writer Kent Mallett highlights a recent BeneFITNESS addition:

"MedBen provides its 157 employees a 30-minute boot camp training three times a week at no charge.

"Caroline Fraker, vice president of compliance at MedBen, said the training takes place at the company's adjacent Morrow Conference Center, the former Bake 'N' Brew building.

"'We started it last year when the Advantage Club closed,' Fraker said. 'We had so many people going to the Advantage Club because it was so close. It's super easy. People can walk next door.'

"MedBen also subsidizes the cost of gym memberships at any location."

As Fraker notes, the closure of a nearby health club – one within walking distance of the MedBen home office and convenient for lunchtime workouts – prompted management to modify the company's wellness incentive program. By introducing the noontime boot camp at the conference center, employees continue to have easy access to exercise in a casual and supportive environment.

The boot camp is just one aspect of MedBen BeneFITNESS. Employees can also get rewards for gym workouts and walking programs, and participate in weight loss challenges and other special events.

Of course, for MedBen BeneFITNESS is more than an internal consideration – it also serves as a testing ground of sorts for the company's WellLiving program, which is available to employer groups. By "walking the walk," as it were, we can offer first-hand experience to our clients on ways they can incentivize their own employees to get fit... and have fun in the process!

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