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MedBen Claim Surveillance Case Study: $100k In Savings on One Person


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MedBen Claim Surveillance Case Study: $100k In Savings on One Person

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MedBen cost containment technology, coupled with professional analysis, is saving a MedBen client almost $100,000 annually.

Recently, MedBen's claim surveillance system flagged a claim from a hospital billing for an injectable specialty drug to treat a chronic disease. The drug was being administered to the patient at the hospital every three months at a cost of $42,919 per dose, for a total charge of $171,676 annually.

A medical specialist reviewed the claim and, finding that the charge for the drug was excessive, suggested that the patient receive future doses from a specialty pharmacy and receive instruction to perform self-injection at home. The specialty pharmacy and MedBen's pharmacy consultant worked with the patient to make a safe transition to self-injecting.

The cost for the drug under the new arrangement: $18,772 per dose, or $75,088 per year. That translates to a savings of $96,588 annually... 56% less than the original drug cost. And this reduction doesn't even factor in the elimination of an additional hospital fee for the drug injection.

Advanced claims surveillance and a panel of over 125 medical specialists -- technology and talent working together to save MedBen clients money. Find out how by contacting Vice President of Sales & marketing Brian Fargus at

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