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As we recently announced on this blog, our website has received a full makeover. If you’re used to steering around the old website, it may take a few moments to get used to the updated site’s layout. Hopefully, you’ll quickly pick up on the new navigation. But just in case, we’ve put together a set of potential questions to assist veteran site users.

What happened to the old pages?
We carefully reviewed our previous site and removed pages that did not receive much use. But we’ve added new pages we believe will assist with benefit planning, and we organized the site to make all content easier to locate.

Of course, some pages have simply been moved to a different area. If you do have any difficulty finding the information you’re looking for, please e-mail Senior Marketing Specialist Chuck Jindra at

There used to be an “Online Services” link on the old home page. Where did it go?
The link for MedBen Access, our most popular online service, is still there in the right hand corner of the home page. For other online services, you’ll find buttons at the bottom of the page for the Plan Sponsor (Employer) and Plan Member (Insured) areas. Just click the appropriate button and use the “Online Services” drop-down menu.

How about the “Client Resources” link on the old home page… where can I find that now?
Just like online services, user-appropriate resources are now located at the bottom of the home page, using the Plan Sponsor (Employer) and Plan Member (Insured) buttons. Then, simply hover your pointer over the “Additional Resources” drop-down menu to reveal a list of helpful materials and links.

My MedBen Basics for using MedBen Access and other online services reflect the old navigation. Where can I get revised directions?
Revised overviews for online services are available for both employers and insureds in their respective areas at the bottom of the home page. Click on the Plan Sponsor (Employer) or Plan Member (Insured) button and use the “Additional Resources” drop-down menu to find the information you need.

Where can I find FSA/HRA reimbursement requests?
Both the Plan Sponsor (Employer) and Plan Member (Insured) areas contain a dedicated page for downloading and printing MedBen FSA and HRA forms. Just click on the appropriate button and use the “Download Forms” drop-down menu to select the “FSA and HRA” forms page.

I can’t find the online form to order a precertified vision claim form. Where is it?
Most MedBen VisionPlus network doctors are now able to access and complete claim information online, or receive a patient claim form using our BeneFax system; therefore, it is no longer necessary to preorder a MedBen VisionPlus claim form. Plan members can simply show their MedBen ID when they arrive for an appointment, and the office staff will take it from there.

Should you prefer to bring a precertified claim form to your appointment, or your provider requests that you do so, you may order one by calling MedBen VisionPlus Customer Service at (800) 252-3447.

I have a question about the updated that is not addressed here. Where can I find an answer?
MedBen is happy to help with any additional questions you have. Just e-mail Senior Marketing Specialist Chuck Jindra at

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