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MedBen Controls High Claimant Costs through Claims Management, Early Detection


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MedBen Controls High Claimant Costs through Claims Management, Early Detection

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High cost claimants are among the leading contributors to health care spending, topping even medical inflation, pharmaceuticals, and specific diseases. A study from the American Health Policy Institute and Leavitt Partners found that claimants who cost $50,000 or more in a year are the top cost driver for 43% of large employers, and comprise 31% of total spending among employers’ health plans. On average, a high cost claimant costs an employer about $122,000 annually.

Recognizing that plan members sometimes require high-priced treatment, MedBen has multiple means to keep claim costs in check. Key to our claims management approach is a panel of over 125 board-certified medical specialists. Reviewing claims flagged for potential clinical problems, they work with the provider to reach a proper resolution — all before the plan pays the provider, so you don’t have to recoup expenses later.

Going hand in hand with controlling costs is early detection of chronic conditions through MedBen WellLiving. This program utilizes customized education and nurse coaching to help plan members who are at greater risk of developing conditions that could prove physically and financially costly in the long run.

MedBen offers a variety of ways to keep high claimant costs in check as well as helping employers to promote healthier plan members. To hear more about how we can assist your business, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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