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MedBen Employees Celebrate Silver Anniversaries (Part Two)


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MedBen Employees Celebrate Silver Anniversaries (Part Two)

25 Anniversary celebrants

On this blog, MedBen has been honoring employees who are observing benchmark anniversaries with the company in 2017 – among them, three marking their 30th anniversaries and eight celebrating 25 years. In this latter group, we earlier highlighted four silver anniversary celebrants... and below, we are pleased to spotlight the remaining four.

Eugene Danner

Eugene Danner started out at MedBen as an Examiner for dental, life, and disability claims. But when a job position in the Information Systems Department opened up, he grabbed it... and in the process, found his true calling as a Technical Services Analyst.

MedBen has been in business for nearly 80 years, due in large part to the stability provided by loyal team members like Danner. In turn, he appreciates MedBen's ability to anticipate and adapt to marketplace changes and that "leadership acknowledges when employees take the time and effort to solve issues."

On a personal level, Danner likes the convenience of working local and the chance to advance from within the company. "The life that I have been able to provide for my wife and her two children for the last 25-plus years means a lot to me," Danner said. "I also appreciate the investment opportunities for retirement that MedBen provides."

Caroline Fraker has always been something of a stickler for details. Beginning in 1992 as Compliance Analyst, and today as Vice President of Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer, she takes great pride in helping MedBen clients stay on top of regulatory issues and better understand how those issues affect their plans.

Fraker appreciates MedBen for "the opportunity to be involved with smart, dedicated people who are all working to provide the best service possible. I know that may sound hokey, but at other places I’ve worked the people are working for themselves – not each other or their clients," she said.

Like other employees celebrating an important anniversary this year, Fraker credits her co-workers for making her job so enjoyable: "The people at MedBen have truly become my work family. I love coming to work each day!"

As Director of Human Resources, Diana Vlachos plays an essential role in ensuring that every MedBen employee enjoys a friendly, respectful and safe work environment.

Like many members of our team, Vlachos has risen in the ranks through hard work and dedication. Joining as a Payroll & Personnel Specialist at a time when MedBen had about 50 employees, she was eventually promoted to Human Resources Manager before assuming her current position. As her responsibilities grew, so too did MedBen -- more than tripling in employee size over the ensuing 25 years.

"What I like about working at MedBen is knowing I work for an organization that cares about the goodwill of customers, employees and our community," Vlachos said.

When Janet White started at MedBen in the Customer Service Department, it consisted of just three Representatives and a Supervisor. (It's grown somewhat since then.) Having experience in claims processing, she also assisted the Claims team, and eventually transferred to that department as a full-time Claims Examiner.

In addition to her dedicated service to MedBen, White was a pioneer of sorts, being among the first Claims Examiners to become a Home Payer... an opportunity for which she remains grateful. "While I miss out on some things going on in the office, being able to work at home is the best thing about my job," she said.

White is also appreciative to her MedBen family for being there for her through life's up and downs: "There have been bumps in the road over the last 25 years, but I would not want to change what I do."

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