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MedBen Employees Celebrate Silver Anniversaries (Part One)


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MedBen Employees Celebrate Silver Anniversaries (Part One)

Recently, we recognized three MedBen employees who in 2017 are marking 30 years with MedBen... a noteworthy achievement, to be certain. But no less impressive is that eight of our employees are this year celebrating their 25th anniversaries with us, and they also merit special recognition. MedBen is proud of our long-time association with each one of them, and their contributions to our growth and continued success cannot be overstated.

The 25th anniversary celebrants include: Keith Caudill; Eugene Danner; Caroline Fraker; Nanette Gray; Kelley Hahn; Tammy Murphy; Diana Vlachos; and Janet White. Below, we spotlight four of these employees -- we'll do the same for the remaining four in an upcoming article.

25th Anniversary celebrants

Keith Caudill joined MedBen as a Programmer/Analyst at a time when the company was making the transition from paper-based recordkeeping to storing data on a secure computer network. Now a Senior Programmer/Analyst, he has played a huge part in ensuring the safety and privacy of client information, while allowing fast access to those employees whose jobs require it.

"I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone over the years... I’ve met a lot of good people and had fun here," Caudill said when asked about his 25 years with MedBen. "I also like how the company supports and encourages us to support local charities."

Nanette Gray has, at different times, worked in the Claims and Customer Service Departments, and today works in both… sort of. In her role as Customer Service Liaison for the Claims team, she provides claims information necessary for representatives to answer plan members’ questions accurately and efficiently.

"I like working for a company that not only cares about your job performance, but how their employees are doing on a personal level as well," Gray said. "We aren’t just employees here, we are a family of people that care about one another."

Gray added that MedBen also cares about the community and offers many ways employees can reach out, such as through Families Helping Families, in which employees "adopt" less fortunate children at Christmas time.

Kelley Hahn worked her way into a full-time job at MedBen, starting as a temp before being hired as a Proposal Assistant. Today as Proposal Manager, she plays a vital role in generating new clients and ensuring current clients have proper stop-loss coverage.

Reflecting on the past 25 years, Hahn cited MedBen's charitable endeavors, continuing education opportunities and wellness promotion as things that make it a great place to work. But, she added, it's her co-workers that really make a difference.

"I’m sure I would never have made it this long if it wasn’t for our incredible leadership and the awesome people that I work with every day that I consider my friends and second family," Hahn said. "I am thankful and proud to be a MedBen employee."

Tammy Murphy has been a member of the Claims Department right from her first day, working with stop-loss claims and serving as back-up Claims Examiner, ultimately rising to the position of Stop-Loss Supervisor. But when her son was born in 2001, she chose to work from home as a full-time Claims Examiner… part of an experienced team that ensures that clients pay only for medically necessary care.

Asked about her time at MedBen, Murphy said that having the opportunity to do her job outside the office means a lot to her: "I like working at MedBen because of my flexible schedule and being able to work from home."

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