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MedBen Government Client Costs Trending Downward


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MedBen Government Client Costs Trending Downward

MedBen Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus

MedBen conducted its annual Government Roundtable for current and prospective municipality clients omn March 21. And just like at its hospital-focused seminar a week earlier, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus had some good news to report.

“Per employee medical and prescription costs for municipalities administered by MedBen were down 5% from a year ago,” Fargus said in his government benchmark presentation. “And over two years, costs are down 7%.”

Fargus noted that the ongoing cost decreases go against current national cost trends, which have risen slightly in the past two years.

As a means to better employee health and continued lower costs, Fargus encouraged attendees to promote preventive care and, by doing so, reduce the “care gap” created by missing yearly wellness checkups, cancer screenings and other health interventions. By maintaining a low care gap, government plan members have cut their health care costs by nearly 75% on average.

Fargus further recommended that groups encourage members with diabetes, high cholesterol and other chronic conditions to take the necessary steps (i.e., medication, exercise) to reduce the risk of greater complications down the road.

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