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MedBen Helps Employers Overcome Cost Challenges


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MedBen Helps Employers Overcome Cost Challenges

A recent Towers Watson survey of over 500 businesses reveals the wide range of difficulties employers face when trying to keep health care costs in check. As listed on the MedCity News website, the top ten challenges include:

  1. Employees’ poor health habits
  2. High-cost catastrophic cases
  3. Underuse of preventive services
  4. Escalating cost of specialty drugs
  5. Poor employee understanding of how to use the plan
  6. Poor or lack of information on provider costs
  7. Overuse of care through employees seeking inappropriate care
  8. Higher costs due to new medical technologies
  9. Cost of compliance and administrative complexity under health reform
  10. Changes in workforce dynamics

At MedBen, we have the people and the technology to help employers face these challenges – and any other obstacles that may arise along the way. From innovative wellness programs that promote better health habits, to prescription plans that offer superior discount rates on brand name and generic drugs alike, we help businesses of all sizes save money.

Among the many resources we employ to control employer health care expenses is an advanced claims surveillance system. Going beyond traditional cost control measures, the system – working in conjunction with highly trained health care professionals – screens every claim, searching for that “small” claim that may very well have large claim potential. On average, this physician-driven process saves 45.1% per selected claim.

To learn more about MedBen’s array of cost containment tools, please contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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