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MedBen Hospital Groups See Savings In 2012


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MedBen Hospital Groups See Savings In 2012

Brian Fargus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Hospital groups administered by MedBen saw cost declines in 2012, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus announced today at the company’s 11th Annual Hospital Roundtable.

Fargus said that the average cost per employee per year for medical and pharmacy benefits fell 5% from 2011. While costs for hospital employers typically hover above the national average, the drop brought the industry closer in line to overall business community costs, which rose about 4% during the same period.

During his presentation, Fargus identified some of the reasons why MedBen’s hospital block saved money last year. “A greater emphasis on wellness and reducing gaps in care have contributed to the downward trend,” he noted, as have spousal waivers that help to protect against adverse selection.

Fargus also encouraged attendees to promote member use of their in-house pharmacies and, whenever possible, get medical services “at home” from local providers.

The Hospital Roundtable is one of several industry-specific seminars MedBen offers every year for current and prospective clients. Government employers are invited to attend a municipality-oriented event on Thursday, March 21.

MedBen will also be hosting multiple MedBen University events in 2013, at its new conference center in Newark, Ohio as well as other locations throughout the Midwest. Invitations are currently going out for seminars to be held at the conference center in April and May, with more sessions to come throughout the spring and summer.

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