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MedBen Maintains High ISO Standards, Latest Audit Says


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MedBen Maintains High ISO Standards, Latest Audit Says

ISO 9001 Certified

MedBen continues to maintain high standards of quality, says the latest independent audit of the company's ISO 9001 compliance.

According to the auditing firm SAI Global, MedBen's management system, which was put in place to ensure process consistency across the company, is being followed and utilized. Additionally, MedBen management provides "appropriate input and support" to ensure that the established ISO standards are met.

"The recommendation from this audit is that your certification continues," the audit report reads.

The audit, conducted on October 20, reviewed MedBen processes in performance monitoring and measurement, management responsibility and review, and product realization. In these and other areas, the staff has implemented and improved on the company's quality management system.

Having ISO standards only works when every employee is invested in following them, noted MedBen Chairman & CEO Doug Freeman. "It takes a companywide effort to maintain quality and consistency, and I'm pleased that these audits repeatedly show that everyone here has bought in to the idea," he said.

MedBen achieved ISO 9001 Certification in 2005, and undergoes semi-annual follow-up audits to ensure continued quality performance. In 2017, the company will undergo an extensive multi-day review in order to receive recertification.

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