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MedBen Observes National Customer Service Week


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MedBen Observes National Customer Service Week

On this National Customer Service Week, we at MedBen are pleased to spotlight the hard work of the men and women in our client service departments.

“While we appreciate our client service teams all the time, this week gives us the opportunity to recognize the employees that are on our front line, providing great service skills to our valued customers,” said Brenda McLean, Director of Client Services for MedBen.

MedBen group service and customer service representatives are committed to promptly addressing the needs of the client. To ensure that plan administrators always have a dedicated person available to assist them, we assign a pair of group service reps to every self-funded employer – a strategy that, based on our feedback, clients seem to appreciate:

  • “[Our group service reps provide] timely responses to immediate needs when issues arise.”
  • “Great response and timeliness of service reps…”
  • “They are professional, knowledgeable and I get issues taken care of ASAP.”

As for customer service, our representatives are available extended hours to answer all manner of questions from employers, plan members and providers. Immediate access to claims and benefits information enables reps to settle inquiries in a matter of minutes. In fact, 98% of customer questions are resolved on the first call.

To the members of our client service teams, we thank you for a job well done. Keep up the great work!

For additional information about how MedBen client services can benefit your group, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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