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MedBen Plans Cover A Wide Range Of Medical Services


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MedBen Plans Cover A Wide Range Of Medical Services

The New York Times has put together an interesting graph showing the percentage of specific health benefits covered under employer-sponsored plans. Using 2008-09 data gathered for a Labor Department report (a requirement under the Affordable Care Act), we can see the range of coverage levels, from benefits common to most group health plans (hospital room and board, inpatient mental health care) to those available in only about one-quarter of the plans (kidney dialysis, sterilization).

Percentage of Private Industry Plans that Cover a Given Service

After reviewing the graph and comparing the data to MedBen’s own coverages, we confirmed that all but one (infertility treatment) of the benefits listed are covered under our standard fully-insured plans, including our recently introduced Partners Community Health Plans. Moreover, most of our self-funded employer groups cover the majority of these services as well.

For additional information about Partners as well as MedBen’s other medical coverages and benefits management services, we invite you to contact our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at 888-627-8683.

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