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MedBen President Harden Praises Coworkers, Clients, County in Profile


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MedBen President Harden Praises Coworkers, Clients, County in Profile

Kurt Harden, MedBen President & CEO

"I wake up every day excited about the work I get to do,” said MedBen President & CEO Kurt Harden in a February 4 Newark (OH) Advocate article. “I get to work with incredible people on a daily basis, both employees of MedBen and clients of the company.”

Harden was profiled in the paper's "Aces of Trades" series, which spotlights Licking County residents and their jobs. A lifelong resident of Newark, he says that his nearly three decades with MedBen has truly opened his eyes to everything the area has to offer… and not just in regard to career possibilities.

“I never realized all the opportunity available inside Licking County,” Harden said. “Great quality of life and a wonderful place to raise a family. I hope more young people continue to realize this.”

Harden, who joined MedBen in 1991 and was named President in 2012, noted that his interest in health insurance coincided with a major life event: “My wife and I were about to have our first child. I needed more money and was offered a job at MedBen.”

“It was a practical decision that has developed into a complete passion,” he said.

You can read more of Harden’s profile at the Newark Advocate website.

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