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MedBen Reporting Highlights “Care Gap” Connection


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MedBen Reporting Highlights “Care Gap” Connection

GSRs reviewing report

Among the distinctive features of the MedBen reporting package is a series of reports that examine a group's "care gap."

The simple idea behind a care gap measurement: Individuals who follow wellness recommendations (such as annual exams and cancer screenings) and condition management (i.e., diabetics taking prescribed insulin) have lower care gaps than those who do not. Every MedBen Client Review compares yearly claim costs between plan members with higher and lower care gaps. Typically, we find that plan members with higher care gaps cost the group, on average, three to four times as much as those with lower care gaps.

MedBen reporting also places the care gap in the larger context of care received (or not received) and how it affects your current and future health plan costs. Depending on the report, you can compare care gaps against such factors as disease burdens and specific chronic conditions – and more often than not, these comparisons demonstrate how care gaps are good indicators of the health, and the financial risk, of your employee population.

The care gap is closely linked to current costs and future risk, and MedBen reporting reflects this fact. To see how our reporting approach can reduce your health care spending, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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