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MedBen Reporting Tools Help You Bridge The "Care Gap"


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MedBen Reporting Tools Help You Bridge The "Care Gap"

Among the many features of MedBen’s intelligent reporting tools, clients have the ability to review their group’s “care gap” – a measure of what preventive exams and screenings your employees should be receiving compared to what they’re actually getting.

Care gap

To demonstrate this reporting functionality, as well as highlighting the importance of following wellness guidelines, we looked at a representative block of MedBen business for the last 12 months. By comparing plan members who had a low care gap – that is, who followed preventive care recommendations based on their age and gender – to those who missed recommended tests and/or checkups, we learned that the average claims cost for the low care-gap plan members is over five times less than for those with higher care gaps (see table).

Breaking the data down by chronic conditions, we also found that plan members with diabetes (the fastest-growing, most common chronic condition) who had a moderate-to-high care gap spent, on average, $14,821 in claims costs over the 12-month period analyzed, compared to just $8,176 for those with low care gaps. And the average claims costs of higher vs. low care-gap claims for plan members with heart disease was, respectively, $32,637 and $17,247. So in both cases, spending on patients who followed care guidelines was nearly half of those who did not.

Seeing how the care gap affects your group’s bottom line is just one of many ways MedBen’s data analytics platform can benefit you. Our leading edge processes also help to identify and target high-risk members in need of clinical interventions, track outcomes, and visualize the financial impact of plan changes.

For additional information about how our advanced reporting services can save your business money, contact MedBen Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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