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MedBen Rolling Out Online Medical Provider Portal


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MedBen Rolling Out Online Medical Provider Portal

MedBen clients and their plan members already have the ability to check claims and benefits online. Now, our network of medical providers can avail themselves of the same convenience by logging on to the MedBen Access website.

Using the easy-to-navigate features, registered physicians and their office staff members can use MedBen Access to confirm eligibility and benefits coverage for patients covered under a MedBen health plan. Coverage levels are available for medical, vision, dental and medical/dental benefits, depending on availability. If the provider also wishes to obtain a summary of benefits for a specific type of coverage, they can request one via fax, and it will be sent within minutes.

Providers can also check the status of a submitted claim and view explanations of benefits. Using “to’ and “from” date tools, providers can limit their claims search only to the service dates they need. And if a claim has been delayed because the examiner needs additional information from the provider, a copy of the request letter (sent via regular mail) can be downloaded.

All information displayed on the Medical Provider Portal conforms to HIPAA patient privacy standards.

So what do these services mean for MedBen clients? While you obviously can’t and don’t need to access these particular functions directly, they do offer an indirect benefit to employer and employee alike, through a faster transfer of patient information. If there is a delay in processing a claim, providers can ascertain the reason before the request from MedBen reaches their mailbox.

MedBen is currently beta testing the Medical Provider Portal with a selected group of physicians to evaluate its features and receive feedback. Barring major changes, we expect to make the site available to contracted providers this business quarter.

MedBen clients and provider with questions regarding the online medical portal can contact MedBen Vice President of Information Systems Rose McEntire at (800) 423-3151, Ext. 342.

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