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MedBen Rx Site Offers Two Unique Saving Solutions


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MedBen Rx Site Offers Two Unique Saving Solutions

Because prescription drug costs continue to play an increasingly large role in health care spending growth, MedBen has been working overtime to find saving solutions. Recently, we developed not one, but two new pharmacy programs to help clients lower their Rx spending... and we've got so much to tell you about them, we've dedicated an entire website to it. showcases our two unique pharmacy programs:

  • Rx Advocate: Rather than starting high with an inflated wholesale price and working down, Rx Advocate starts low and stays there. By using the average cost pharmacies pay for drugs, the “cost plus” difference better reflects the drug’s actual price.
  • Rx Alliance: This pharmacy program builds partnerships that result in lower prescription prices and stronger communities. Rx Alliance helps qualified hospital purchase and distribute drugs at the lowest legal prices to qualified organizations.

Rather than describe everything available on, we invite you to visit the site and see for yourself. But we will tell you that in addition to program descriptions, you'll find such features as case studies, an Rx Report Blog, and an FAQ page. You'll also meet the people behind the plans, who have made it their goal to help you reduce your prescription drug costs.

Please take a few moments to browse to learn more about our pharmacy saving solutions. If you'd like to learn more about either program, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at, And if you have any thoughts about the site content, we always welcome your comments and suggestions... feel free to drop a line to Senior Marketing Specialist Chuck Jindra at

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