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MedBen Rx Strategies Help Employers Face Pricing Challenges


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MedBen Rx Strategies Help Employers Face Pricing Challenges


A recent Washington Post article highlights the machinations that drug companies will use to ensure that insurers and other private-sector sources pay for their products, rather than price-controlled public services like Medicare. One common manufacturer practice is making tax-deductible donations to charities that cover out-of-pocket costs and insurance premiums... where, in the case of rare diseases, "the needs of a single patient can generate millions in pharmaceutical sales," the article notes.

While drug companies feel it is in their best interest to do what they can to shield themselves from government price controls, that's no comfort to employers that bear the brunt of higher costs. But with decades of experience in prescription benefit planning, MedBen will assist clients in designing prescription plans that take the full advantage of manufacturer coupons and rebates, in addition to our new Rx Advocate program which goes against traditional practice and uses the pharmacy's actual purchase price to determine your plan's drug costs, rather than an inflated wholesale price.

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