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MedBen Rx, Truly Transparent


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MedBen Rx, Truly Transparent

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If you’re a MedBen client, you already know that 100% of all paid manufacturer rebates go back to our clients. But true Rx transparency also demands that consumers know what they're paying for their medications – and so we provide that, too.

Simply by logging into our online service center, MedBen Access, pharmacy plan members can see exactly what their copay is for all prescribed drugs. In addition, patients can review their prescription purchases and get detailed information about thousands of drugs. The site even allows users to research and compare brand-name drug prices with lower-cost generic and therapeutic alternatives.

Moreover, for employers using the MedBen Rx Advocate program, their employees will see even lower copays. The "cost plus" difference means that drug prices are based on what the pharmacy pays rather than their inflated wholesale prices. These savings average 11% per drug, but in the case of higher-price medications, member savings can be substantial.

For additional information about MedBen Access and MedBen Rx Advocate, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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