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MedBen Saves Clients Millions On Unnecessary Heart Implant Devices


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MedBen Saves Clients Millions On Unnecessary Heart Implant Devices

MedBen sets itself from the competition by offering cost containment measures that go beyond plan provisions and network discounts. Here on the Blog, we frequently discuss our claims surveillance system that saves clients an average of 46 percent on selected claims. An article on the Medical News Today website offers a perfect example of how the MedBen Advantage offers substantial savings… one that MedBen President and CEO detailed in a recent letter.

The article covers a study in the January 5, 2011 Journal of the American Medical Association about the improper placement of cardiovascular defibrillators: “A study that included more than 100,000 patients who received implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) found that about 20 percent did not meet evidence-based guidelines for receipt of an ICD.”

From Freeman’s letter: “An NPR summary of the study said: ‘Turns out 23 percent of them – more than 5,000 patients – didn’t meet the criteria for getting the $30,000 devices.’ More than 1 in 5 placements should not have happened!

“By the way, it’s only the device that costs $30,000. The whole procedure can cost more than $100,000. MedBen has scrutinized –- under the guidance of a board certified cardiovascular surgeon –- the appropriateness of every one of these placements for a few years now and have been successful in eliminating unnecessary costs with no balance billing to the patient. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in the past three years on many types of claims issues by checking every claim every day. You don’t get that from [national carriers]. So, my question is, would you rather have an extra few percentage points savings on a $100,000 claim or not have the claim at all? The fact is, the hard savings we generate for you on all claims, including prescriptions, usually more than offset any promised extra discounts.”

If you’re interested in learning about additional savings opportunities available to MedBen clients, call MedBen Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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