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MedBen Takes Security Of Your PHI Seriously


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MedBen Takes Security Of Your PHI Seriously

With the majority of doctor’s offices using some type of electronic health record system, questions invariably arise about the security of protected health information (PHI). Increased availability of patient data requires a heightened reliance on security and confidentiality safeguards.

As MedCity News notes, while most patients favor sharing health care information electronically, they are understandably concerned about the privacy of their data. To ensure confidentiality, the HIPAA Privacy Rule requires that any technology used to create, store and transmit patient information adhere to rigid standards of security.

At MedBen, we take the HIPAA mandate to protect PHI seriously. All electronic data transmissions are secured by an FTP server with an encrypted connection, or sent via a secure email portal that is encrypted over a secure network. All passwords on our system are coded via a one-way encryption process to prevent decryption, before being stored in our databases.

Moreover, when we send a document containing PHI to a provider or other designated recipient, it is posted electronically on our MedBen Secure website, again over a safeguarded line. In short, MedBen goes above and beyond to ensure its practices are in compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements for plan members.

MedBen clients who have questions about MedBen’s electronic PHI safeguards are welcome to contact Vice President of Information Systems Rose McEntire at

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